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Samsung Galaxy S21FE: games, selfies, and two streams

How to run an effective ambassadorship trial on Twitch
We have: new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Task: make an inclusive promo that is interesting, understandable, and coherent
Solution: a month of promo with a Twitch streamer with their loyal audience and developed social networks
Problem and solution

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE came to Russia in January 2022. The model has a powerful processor and bets on multitasking. Although the main promo of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was targeting casual consumers, the smartphone turned out to be simply created for mobile gamers. Therefore, Samsung decided to experiment with the gaming audience.

We understood that the ideal solution was to attract an ambassador. However, such status requires long negotiations between the parties and is definitely not suitable for an experiment. That is why we launched a monthly ambassador-like format - as if an annual contract was signed.

DinaBlin was invited to the role of the brand representative. We had five strong reasons for it.
How we chose the streamer

1. DinaBlin is in the top 50 RU Twitch streamers in the Just Chatting category, but Dina started out as gaming let's-player. She is a gamer, including mobile gaming.

2. Dina's channel has a large non-toxic community - meaning a safe and receptive environment for the presentation of the new items.

3. The streamer has developed accounts on Instagram and VK. Social networks have become part of the project.

4. DinaBlin knows how to be native and knows how to promote the brand appropriately in different situations.

5. Dina likes to experiment with formats. So do we!
How did the audience react?

On January 4, the smartphone went on sale, and on the same day, Dina published a post-announcement in which she said that she would be testing the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE for a month. Dina used the gadget in various life and professional situations and shared her impressions with followers on Twitch and social networks. As in the classic ambassadorship format, for the time of the project, Dina did not interact with smartphones of other brands in the public space, promoting only Samsung.

As a part of the project, two special streams were released on Dina's channel: the first one was devoted to gaming qualities of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE; the second one - its power in "everyday" situations - she conducted a cooking stream directly from the smartphone. Both streams revealed the capabilities of the phone and showed its real-life qualities.

The audience was actively involved in the project: they were discussing the smartphone, and responded to Dina's posts asking her to share her experience.
  • sevanyansevan
    I heard that the Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen has a very cool color reproduction, and with the 30X Space Zoom camera, the frames will definitely not be blurry due to the zoom lock. This is a really cool device! We are waiting for photographs.
  • sane_cs
    The phone looks bombastic, especially with you next to it)
  • YoshkinKrot
    and the way it takes pictures in the dark wow
  • Cafe Pele
    ooo, cool color of the phone!
  • I_Xaera_I
    Should I get one as well..?
  • Ivan Kozlov
    Samsung is dope
Key takeaways

1. There are streamers on Twitch who create brand-safe environment on their channels and are good at incorporating ads into their content.

2. The Twitch audience and streamers are ready for the Ambassador format. It is organic for a platform on which it is customary to chat for hours. A streamer has more freedom to create more coherent situational integrations in this format.

3. Viewers positively welcomed the product: negative comments are rare. There were comparisons with the iPhone, but many preferred the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

4. For the entire period of placement, there were only a few comments that this was an advertisement - basically the campaign was perceived as an independent activity of Dina.
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