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Black Monster x APEX Legends: quality and quantity

How to combine 22 streamers and love for APEX Legends in one campaign
We have: Black Monster x APEX Legends collaboration and promo cans campaign
Task: to tell the gaming audience about the promo campaign and activation of the promo codes from the cans; stimulate energy drink purchase quantity
Solution: mix of 22 Twitch large and small streamers, product placement, and giveaways
Problem and Solution

In November 2021, we joined a large-scale advertising campaign for Black Monster x APEX Legends. Black Monster placed game characters and promo codes for in-game content on cans. Collaborations needed coverage, so we went to Twitch. In the Russian-speaking segment, APEX Legends has already formed a community there.

We analyzed the situation and realized that the audience of the game lives mainly on small channels, but there is also a share of top streamers who broadcast APEX Legends from time to time. The combined approach was the ideal solution.

As a result, we selected 22 streamers. They placed an animated banner in the Twitch player, and brand identity in the frame: neon logos and refrigerators with promotional cans. All streamers were equipped with energy drinks to keep their spirits up on the broadcasts. In this setting, the guys played APEX Legends, talked about the promotion and prizes, and showed how to activate promotional codes from a can.
As a part of the project, several joint broadcasts took place. OlyaVoodoo had three co-streams with Juice, Dmitry_Lixxx, and Skrolya. The streamers played together, talked about the Black Monster promotion, and interacted with the audience.

During the broadcasts streamers raffled promotional codes for in-game prizes in APEX Legends. And several broadcast viewers from major streamers won gaming prizes from Black Monster: gamepads, optical mouses, headphones, and a rare XBOX Series X.

We selected the streamers who:

‣ were in the top Twitch in terms of gaming direction or in the game APEX Legends at the time of planning the campaign;

‣ showed their effectiveness in our previous campaigns in the FMCG category;

‣ after the briefing, they confirmed that they were ready for a long-term advertising campaign;

‣ were interested in promoting the drink natively and without cliches.

The project involved UselessMouth, QRUSHcsgo, Skrolya, AhriNyan, makatao, Dmitry_Lixxx, Juice, UncleBjorn, abizaka, DiNIceTea, Nastjadd, AGENTJKEZOOR, furrykit, Airevely, stanyyy, xaniya, Wrugb, dsblf, pkmk, OlyaVoodoo, TheFyzu, esdesu.

Key takeaways

1. Participation in one advertising campaign of small and large streamers allows you to collect a good unique coverage and get a low CPV.

2. Seven female streamers participated in the project, five of them, following the results of the campaign, entered the top in terms of CTR: furrykit, Nastjadd, esdesu, Airevely, and OlyaVoodoo. Their results turned out to be 3 times higher than the average for the project and 5-6 times higher than the average for the Russian-speaking segment of Twitch. We continue to destroy the stereotypes that female streaming is ineffective: their audience is active and well involved in advertising integration.

3. Placement CPV for Apex Legends streamers is more expensive than for general game streamers, but CTR is higher. A small audience is more involved, so small streamers are more effective than large ones in advertising campaigns where the goal is a clicks.
11 916 800

planned views
14 529 959

actual Views

small streamers CTR in advertising campaign
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