Twitch special project

Durex: teaching gamers how to flip the box

How to show up on Twitch with condoms and make a decent promo
We have: Durex in new packaging
Task: to get across the essence of the redesign - that Durex is always on your side. Just flip the logo side of the box toward you and everything will work great. Important feature: strict pharmaceutical brand safety
Solution: interactive advertising campaign with top streamers during game sessions
Problem and Solution

In 2021, Durex launched the "Durex is always on your side" campaign. The gist: now the condoms are packaged the way that you just open them with the logo toward you. The main idea of the promotion was that there was no large-scale visual part of the advertising campaign but it was important for the brand to demonstrate the value of the redesign.

We proposed to include the Twitch gaming audience, and mechanics of an interactive widget - a code specially developed for the project, which helps to complete the brand's tasks and collect detailed statistics. While the streamer was playing and occasionally talking about the product during the broadcast, viewers actively clicked on the Durex packaging widget to turn the logo towards them, just like in real life. The widget was animated. Each user saw different thematic phrases that were written individually for each of the eight channels that participated in the advertising campaign.
Once the goal was reached, users were given the opportunity to win prizes. The most active clicker received a custom box from the streamer and Durex, and another 10 participants who put more effort into winning than others received a three-month subscription to the streamer's channel.

The prizes in the project were not accidental - they also reflected the general concept of the advertising campaign "Durex is on your side". Hobbies included. Durex helped the audience win and receive a prize from the streamer, which was individually selected for each box. It reflected the uniqueness and interests of each influencer while adhering to a common concept - help, comfort, and fun. No stress, just pleasure. For example, a custom box from DinaBlin included a cool keyboard, a Steam certificate for 6,000 rubles, and a channel mascot. At the same time streamers HellYeahPlay and DmitryLixxx decided to assemble a custom box together with the winner. After the special stream, they chose a prize together with the winners.
How we chose the streamers

1. Top Twitch streamers.

2. On the one hand streamers are creative, perky, and improvise well, on the other hand, they are true gamers.

3. Candidates are thoughtful and responsible. Ready to get involved in a complex large-scale project, allocate time for lengthy briefs and organizational calls, and strictly follow all restrictions.

As a result, PCH3LK1N, QUICKHUNTIK, Nuke73, HellYeahPlay, dinablin, Dmitry_Lixxx, VISSHENKA, and GUACAMOLEMOLLY were involved in the project.
How did the audience react?

The audience was delighted and nearly collapsed the broadcasts with their activity and attendance rate. The audience liked the activity and the brand. Followers actively reacted in chats and made more than a million clicks on the widget.

The need to avoid swearing made streamers watch each other and look for censored synonyms of familiar expressive words. It was additional fun for the audience.
Key takeaways

1. There are streamers on Twitch who create brand-safe environment on their channels and know how to integrate ads into their content seamlessly.

2. The reaction and involvement of the audience was noticeably higher than similar ACs, on average by 15-20%. Reason: loyalty to the product and properly designed creative, as well as avoided direct advertising in the campaign.

3. The audience liked the gifts. According to the users' reaction, it was obvious that subscriptions to streamers' channels motivate no less than an expensive gift.

4. Main takeaway: Twitch loves Durex and is ready to continue dating
3 740 000

planned views
5 366 000+

actual Views

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