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EvenBet: Closed tournament as a B2B promo. It's weird, but it works

How we organized a tournament with poker streamers and IT specialists in a poker company
When it comes to promoting B2B products, distinguishing tools come into play: e-mail newsletters, exhibitions, publications in thematic media, targeting, and so on. But once in a while, it's good to go beyond the usual working solutions and try something new. That's exactly what we've done with the bold and creative developer and online poker software provider EvenBet Gaming.
EvenBet Gaming is:

‣ an innovative online poker platform;
‣ a groundbreaking daily tournaments platform for challenging gamers' skills and luck;
‣ a new tech platform with hundreds of casino games, slots, card and table games, and jackpots;
‣ a powerful online bookmaker platform.

Together with EvenBet we organized a closed poker tournament with company employees and poker streamers ValueHeavu and Picco. On the EvenBet platform viewers watched the progress of the game and the communication in the players' chat.

The tournament lasted about an hour. The table played by streamers ValueHeavu and Picco was fun and dynamic. Picco took 18th place and ValueHeavy 9th place. The EvenBet team won.
What is the result:

‣ streamers got acquainted with the platform and gave feedback from the position of an influencer and an ordinary user;

‣ streamers have submitted a video with their participation for EvenBet promotion.

Why is this approach worth considering?

1. Cost optimization. Streamers entered the tournament and received rewards for the license to use the content. The budget for such a project is 2-3 times lower than online promo on streams. In our case, the goal of activation with streamers was getting content but not connecting with their audiences. That is why our method was a right-minded way to optimize the budget while retaining all the advantages of the streamer's participation in the project.

2. The B2B segment is the same people who rotate in the area relevant to the brand. Influencers in this segment and their image sway the opinions of potential B2B decision-makers.
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Irina Luchak, CEO & Founder