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Nissan Qashqai: test drive on IRL stream

How to give power to the audience and get the record-beating ER 17%
In search of a new audience, Nissan made its bet on gaming. In November, together with OMD, we developed a project that responded to the request of the client: seamless integration into the gamers' territory and the announcement of an updated version of Nissan Qashqai. The project consisted of two parts: a game stream with an interactive car and an IRL stream around Moscow, during which the audience controlled streamers.

Gaming stream

During a hot passage of PUBG Drainys arranged a quiz on the knowledge of Nissan cars. The viewers got a scale with a blue Qashqai on their screens - an interactive banner based on Kouch technology. The audience clicked on the car, "filling" the scale. As soon as the scale was filled, the streamer aired the question. The reward for the correct answers was a Steam certificate.

Based on the channel's average view data, the stream was expected to reach 13,000 people. In reality, there were 26,500 viewers - 205% more than forecasted. We also placed a red button on the stream that linked to Nissan configurator. Instead of the expected 0.9% of clicks, we got 8%.
IRL stream

Streamers SilverName and Verny Shawarma tested the updated Nissan Qashqai in urban areas. Although streamers were driving, they were not leading the process. We have developed a mini-map widget with four points in Moscow. Viewers clicked on the map, casting their vote for where the streamer would go. Once the streamers arrived at their destination, they asked questions about Nissan cars and raffled off Steam certificates. Both streamers and viewers were satisfied with the test drive: people they usually saw on the other side of the screen were in the city and within reach. Some savvy followers took advantage of this and caught up with streamers - talked and even walked together.

The statistics did not disappoint either: the CTR of the project reached a revolutionary 11% - an absolute record for Twitch.
209 100

total views

204 214

interactive banner clicks
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