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HP OMEN: 360-degree campaign

Landing 4in1 on iGuides, promo on Shazoo, and native feature on KG-Portal
The OMEN line is relaunching: all old machines are being replaced with new ones. The company has been rebranded and wanted gamers to know about it. The line includes the OMEN 15 laptop, a premium gaming machine that needed gamers' attention. To do this, we launched a 360 degree campaign. See what we came up with.

Landing on iGuides: 4 in 1

The portal audience is interested in technology, they are less concerned about the gaming potential of the laptop. Therefore, the landing page was focused on a detailed description of the characteristics of OMEN 15.

We chose the landing page format, as it focused the audience's attention on the laptop description. The project not only spoke about the hardware side of the laptop in detail, but also showed the experience of using the model. Editors of iGuides tested the laptop and talked about their feelings. Particular attention was paid to the USP of the product - the new heat removal technology OMEN Tempest Cooling.
Three reviews on Shazoo: showed the laptop in action

The portal is dedicated to gaming. The main audience is gamers who are interested in suitable hardware.

We launched three coherent materials on Shazoo: a review, an article about laptop cooling, and an article about the TOP 10 demanding games. In the first article, we talked in detail about the characteristics of the laptop. In the second, about the importance of cooling: using the example of OMEN 15, we analyzed how a powerful cooling system positively affects the gaming process. In the TOP-10 article, we shared how the laptop behaves with demanding games.
Review on KG-Portal: changed the design of comments for the OMEN 15 laptop

KG-Portal is a resource about cinema. All articles, news, and comments there are devoted to series and films. Users need to be able to send videos in the comments: trailers, excerpts from films, short films, etc. We released a review of the laptop on KG-Portal and presented a sponsor function for readers: during the advertising campaign, OMEN 15 would be displayed in the comments with a running video on its screen. Prior to this, users could only send a link.

OMEN 15 has been involved in some of the hottest discussions about movies and TV shows. Judging by the comments, readers appreciated the new feature of the site.
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