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Samsung Neo Qled 8k: how to sell a $7,5k TV to gamers

Making it native and effective
One day in the fall of 2021, we were assigned to promote the futuristic Samsung Neo Qled 8K TV that costs $7.5k to the gamer audience. That's right, a TV set worth several thousand. Yes, to the gamer audience, which is still often considered to be too young and insolvent.

Spoiler: once again we have proven that gamers are a wide and promising audience that has interests way beyond gaming products. And once again we've exceeded the KPI.
Problem and Solution

Samsung NEO Qled 8K is a premium category high-tech TV set. Cool, futuristic, and… expensive. In order to promote the TV set to the gaming audience, we chose Twitch, where games are ranked 4 out of 5 in the top most viewed categories.

A couple of streamers was invited to the project. Ellvi and Recrent tested the TV set live and proved that it is suitable for gamers, streamers as well as movie and series lovers.
How did we choose the streamers and the project format?

The best way to promote high-tech and expensive TV is to demonstrate its features online. However, Samsung NEO Qled 8K had so many perks that it would be difficult to fit them into one stream and to be honest it was not really necessary.

Five streams were released as part of the advertising campaign. Each of those was made on a special game that outlined the functions of the TV in full. For example, the gloomy thriller Until Dawn showed detailed graphics in dark locations. Genshin Impact revealed the benefits of the Multi View feature. And in It Takes Two, streamers could enjoy the convenience of the big screen in split-screen mode.

When choosing channels, we relied on three important factors: coverage, audience non-toxicity, and chemistry between streamers. Ellvi and Recren couple had it all. The guys were dating and living together. Recrent has the reach, Ellvi has a warm and loyal audience.
How did the audience react?

The audience warmly greeted the new Samsung TV and tested it together with the streamers: they evaluated the picture and dimensions and looked for flashes on a completely black screen. Which could not be found, even with the lights off, by the way.

During the advertising campaign, we once again proved why native integrations are the best, and that it's important to communicate with the audience in their language. Viewers responded significantly better to integrations when streamers explained product features in their own words and judged them from a gamers' point of view.

There were users in the chat who bought Samsung Neo Qled 8K during the advertising campaign. They shared their emotions about the purchase of the high-tech TV and answered other users' questions. One of the users was pleasantly surprised that instead of one TV he got two. At the time of the promo, Samsung launched a special offer and gave away one more TV to all newly minted Neo Qled 8K owners.
  • 98seconds
    I feel 8K through your webcam, very dope
  • p3n1d3
    watching how awesome it is to play on such an effing cool tv
  • beard4fun
    I honestly went nuts when two arrived)
  • TheLevkovsky
    @ELLVI why do you have Malevich's square floating in the air
  • s1chan
    like a cyberpunk tv
  • ddazz_
    This is exactly the TV I plan to buy for my PS5
  • zolotoi_son
    Why do you need a fur coat if you have a telly
  • Steel_Solid
    like a spotlight, but 8K and LCD
Key takeaways

Based on the results of this AC, we made three important conclusions.

1. Advertising campaigns on Twitch in compliance with brand safety are possible and quite organic for the site. There are streamers on Twitch with friendly and non-toxic audiences and they are happy to negotiate.

2. Native integration works better than a script. Viewers are more likely to respond to information if the streamer explains product features in a language they can understand. Ellvi's surprise about the black screen was more effective than a complicated description of the technology.

3. Twitch has an audience for premium products. Live viewers see how the product works, how their favorite streamer tests it, and understand that it is worth the money.
2 600 000

planned views
4 407 000+

actual Views

percentage of KPI completed
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